We pay careful attention to the health of the parents, the ancestor's bloodlines, and confirmation.  We travel great distances to breed and produce a litter of pups.  The Early Neurological Stimulation is performed on each pup to give them the best start possible.  We also follow many of the Puppy Culture and Avid Dog protocols, although I do change a few things to be Eurasier specific as not all breeds develop the same. It is very important for us to socialize and stimulate each pups for maximum benefit and believe very much in early socialization.

The fact is that I love having pups, I enjoy the strategy of research to pick the right male, the learning about progesterone and timing for the breeding, the maintaining of optimum health of the pregnant female and the anticipation of whelping pups.  Then once we have the pups on the ground, my world delightfully revolves around them. 

It is a joy, a passion and a gift to be part of the Eurasier world.  I am very grateful and feel privileged to be a piece of the foundation of the Eurasier breed in North America.

The Eurasier is a well kept secret.  Although these dogs are fairly new to North America, they have been around in Europe for some time.  The Eurasier has the beauty of a spitz type dog, although they can be independent in their thinking, most Eurasiers have a very strong desire to please you and be with you and therefore make training fairly easy.  These are truly companion dogs and may follow you around the house all day long, just because they want to be close to you.  Good and gentle with children, yet sometimes aloof with strangers, they will also tell you when the newspaper boy is delivering the paper, but generally Eurasiers are not barkers unless there is a reason to bark.

Occasionally we will have a litter of pups, it is what we enjoy doing the most, raising the puppies from birth and making new friends with the families of the  pups forever homes.  We raise our puppies “The Eurasier Way” which is an original German expression.  Today we say “Preservation Breeding”.  Meaning to keep the Eurasier natural and preserve the original intentions of the breed creators.  We are also in the loop for Eurasier puppies for sale in North America, as we tend to keep in contact with each other.  Contact us and we can usually point you to a reputable breeder.

Breeding & Raising Eurasier Puppies.



Eurasier Photos

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