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The general character and temperament of the Eurasier

I have found each of my dogs unique in his or her own right.  However, there is an underlying trait of the Eurasier, that they want to be where you are.

The Eurasier is one of the easier spitz type dogs to handle, although they can be independent thinkers at times and want to do their own thing, most Eurasiers are very obedient if they have spent time with you and have bonded well.  Even visiting Eurasiers tend to easily do what I tell them to do.  I believe one of the keys to training a Eurasier (or any dog for that matter) is learning how to communicate properly, what it is that you are asking them to do.  Once a Eurasier understands what you want of them, they are usually happy to comply as they have a strong desire to please you.

Most Eurasiers are nice and calm inside the house if they are allowed to run and jump for joy outside.  We live in an area where there are forests, mountains, lakes, oceans and many places to walk, hike or run with our dogs.  I really enjoy the off leash walk or hikes, so my Eurasiers have the opportunity to have the freedom of an off leash walk.  In the woods and trails they will sniff and investigate, but always keep their eyes on me and follow where I go.  Although they may run ahead on the trail, I let them have their freedom if the area is safe.   Occasionally they will tree a squirrel or chase a rabbit, but once I move on further down the trail they follow because of their strong desire to be with me.  When at the beach at low tide, I let them "run like the wind" and they run far away, but they always come back, always.  It is very likely that because we do have safe areas that dogs can be off leash that my dogs have learned this from puppyhood when I trained both on leash and off.  I know of Eurasiers that are not allowed off leash because their recall is not good and the area is not safe.

Generally Eurasiers are not retrievers, our Beau would retrieve a ball for my son about 5 times, then look at my son as if to say "if you are going to throw that ball away one more time, You go get it!".  However, I have since learned of a Eurasier that loves to retrieve a ball, so go figure, you can teach your Eurasier almost anything!

Eurasiers are listed as aloof and reserved, this is generally true outside of the home.  Eurasiers may say hello to other dogs on the trail, but the people are usually not of interest to them, they already have their people.  However, when friends or strangers come into my home and I give them a friendly greeting, my dogs are happy to say hello and make a big fuss over the visitors.  I often have visiting Eurasiers that quickly become affectionate with me after a short period of time.  Of all the Eurasier traits, this is one that needs to be worked on from an early age.  They need to get used to being in public and having strangers greet them and even touch them - continue to work on this all their lives.

Eurasiers also have a keen sense of people's attitudes or emotions.  This is why some Eurasiers with strong intuition have become therapy dogs.  They seem to sense when their owners are down or sick, but also when they fear..... So when introducing your pup or adult Eurasier, to a new environment, such as a loud ferry or train, be careful to show no fear or overprotectiveness.  Many new owners have unknowingly taught their pups to be fearful by worrying and instilling a sense of fear by displaying fear or over concern of the situation.  I tell my new puppy owners to treat every situation as a "walk in the park"  your pup will take his/her cue from you.  Of course, you must make sure the situation is safe.

Eurasiers are a charming companion.

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