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Mat busters

I own these but don't use them as much as I used to.  They can be used to cut through matts, like the ones that form behind the ears, but I now prefer to simply shave the matt off, I don't like to pull the fur

grooming tools

So these are my grooming tools, some of them.  I have collected a number over the years.  You don't need to get everything at once, start with a pin brush and a metal comb (and nail clippers)

Nail Clippers

I confess, I hate clipping their nails!  I much prefer to walk them a lot on concrete to wear their nails down.

But these are my clippers and hate using them...

Pin Brush

These brushes are your all purpose, general use brushes for day to day brushing.  A fairly stiff long pinned brush will work for the whole Eurasier all through out the year.

Slicker Brush

Slicker brushes are good to make fluff.  I quickly use them to fluff up my dog's tails, or a on a pup's coat.  They may also be used to remove stuck seeds or something caught in the fur.


I use this rake at the beginning of a big blow of the coat.  It will get some of the undercoat out from all over the body.  It works well for a general tool to pull out the undercoat during shedding.

Metal Comb

I find a good comb is a good friend.  When a Eurasier is in full blow, back combing with a comb like this easily removed the undercoat fully and thoroughly.


Grooming your Eurasier

I have always enjoyed grooming an animal, finding it a bit therapeutic.

there is a certain amount of bonding that takes place when you groom your Eurasier.  With skittish dogs that are not used to being groomed, if you do a small little bit every day, they will likely soon let you do more and more and even come to enjoy the somewhat intimate time with you.

Intact eurasiers are actually easy to groom most of the year.  They take a bit more effort and time when blowing their coats, but still much easier than a Eurasier that has been spayed or neutered.  When a dog is spayed or neutered, their hormones are greatly affected and thus their fur growth is affected. With intact Eurasiers the fur falls out and comes out very easily, however, once a Eurasier is spayed or neutered, the fur sheds, but seems to stick within the coat more, the shedding goes on for a  longer time period, if not all year long and you will find more fur around your home.  I still use the same grooming tecniques but it takes a bit more effort, or I simply send them to the groomers.  My intact eurasiers don't need to go to the groomers because I find them so easy to do myself.

To the left are pictures of my favorite grooming tools and a short description of what I use them for.  I recommend starting with a good pin brush and a good metal comb, you can take your time and build up your own collection from there.

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