Over the rainbow bridge (Deceased)

Over the rainbow bridge (Deceased)

Sundogs Alexis Keesha

Keesha was our Canadian born Eurasier.  She was our very first girl and taught us many things about Eurasiers.  Keesha has a sense of humour and you can see it in her beautiful face!

Ajona vom Elfensee

Ajona was really our foundation female.  We imported Ajona from Germany with the help of trusted Eurasier friends. Ajona has turned out to be all that I could ever ask for in health, temperament and confirmation.  She truly is eye candy and a trusted companion

Barbarossa von Baden.

Beau was a welcome addition to our family.  Beau was regal and reliable, he was a big boy and at the top of the standard for the Eurasier.  Beau was also directly  from Germany, big boned and powerful.

Who we are

We are a family that has been involved in the Eurasier breed and community since 2002.

I had discovered the Eurasier breed when I was 19 years old, but it was not until I was married, owned my own home and had children that I had the opportunity to bring a Eurasier into our family.

Since that time, I have been heavily involved in all things Eurasier becoming one of the founding members of the Eurasier Club of Canada.

It is very important to us to attend Eurasier Conferences, Breeding/Genetic Seminars and educate ourselves about dogs and about the Eurasier.

We have a passion about the Eurasier, wanting to keep it natural and healthy and respect the history of the "Eurasier Way", which is the original "Preservation Breeding".

We believe strongly in health testing to prevent hereditary issues in our lines.

Edelweiss Eurasiers is also known for going the extra mile to socialize our pups, performing the Early Neurological Stimulation and provide support and traning information to our new puppy owners.

Our goal is to maintain the health and good temperment, to preserve the Eurasier for future generations.

Dogs we have had the privilege of knowing

Over the rainbow bridge (Deceased)

Beauty van Moorvreugd
We are delighted to welcome Beauty into our hearts and home.  I wish all my dogs lived forever.  I am grateful that Beauty came into our lives at a time when we needed her most.

Pacific Coast's Majestic Nala

Nala is our 3rd generation Eurasier, having bred her mother and grandmother.  Expecting her to produce some excellent 4th generation Eurasiers.  She is the goofball, she has a sense of humour and loves toys.

Pacific Coast's Forever Faith

Faith was one of our pups from Ajona who was returned to us due to a family break-up.  Faith has an easy fun personality, she is solid lovely  "Velcro" girl who follows us from room to room around the house.

Pacific Coast's  Pym

Pym is a 5th generation breeding.  My daughter fell in love with her as a puppy and insisted she was hers.  Pym is her velcro girl.  Where ever my daughter is, Pym is right beside her.  She is smart and very friendly, loves everyone and especially other dogs!

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​​Pacific Coast's Maple's Promise

Maple is a gorgeous Eurasier!  Very good movement, conformation and is exactly in line with the Eurasier Standard.  If Maple has a flaw, it is that she is too smart....lol


Eurasier Photos
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