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Ok, We have recently introduced a new Eurasier pup from Germany into our household, so I will be going through all the training myself.  I do notice that each dog, or each pup is unique with their own strengths and weaknesses, or character. 

This lovely little pup has been easy to potty train as I really don't like having accidents in the house I work hard to make sure the pup can go outside to relieve herself often.  I have also picked up all our carpets and mat, at the front door, in the kitchen and in the bathroom as pups tend to piddle on a mat or carpet.  I have also baby gated our living room off, as there is a throw rug and I have insisted on bedrooms with carpets keep the doors closed.  I have laminate throughout the house and linoleum in the kitchen, craft room and puppy area.  Just before I go to bed, I take Beauty out and say "go pee" , "go pee".  She does, then we go inside - she follows me everywhere, Eurasiers can be "Velcro" dogs.  First thing in the morning, I wake up and walk downstairs to the back door and walk outside, pup follows, I say "go pee", "go pee" and pup goes pee.  During the summer it is easy to keep the back door open and pup freely goes outside to pee and poo.  As the weather is getting cooler, my pup is now old enough to go through the doggy door in our garage to go outside.  Earlier she was going through the cat door.  So now I am not worried at all about having "accidents" in the house, the work I put in early on has paid off.

Now our issue is the mouthing.!!

Firstly, I have learned a lot by making mistakes.  I have also learned a great deal from reading articles and information.  Then there are my dog owner friends, with a wide variety of dog breeds, who have taught me a great deal.  It is good to know that in some circumstances, different breeds behave differently.

Of course basic training is a must; come, sit, stay, leave it, drop it, here, wait, this way etc. however, my philosophy is that a dog must fit into, or compliment your lifestyle.  People's lives are all different, along with their expectations of what they want their dogs to do, how they want them to do it and when.  So my philosophy is that your pup must be trained into your lifestyle, so you need to decide what and how to express your expectations to your dog.

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