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Bringing your new puppy home is an exciting time.

Hopefully you will have puppy proofed your home and yard - if you have a yard, so now all there is to do is introduce your new Eurasier puppy to their new environment.

First understand that Eurasier are generally reserved and may seem a bit shy of you, they don't know you yet.

Also know that puppies sleep a lot.  More than you would think.  At first, you want the pup to wake up and play with you, But soon enough, you will wish the pup would just go to sleep!

One of the strange things I tell people to o with their new pups is ignore them....kind of

As long as they have a safe place, be it a crate, a penned in kitchen area, or even under a table, where they feel safe.  Let them take things at their pace. 

This can be hard to do if you have children, other animals or are overly excited yourself.

I always like to show the puppy where their water dish is, as it should be readily available at all times, then let them explore when and where they want. 

if you have other dogs at home, lavish them with love and treats, for as many days as you can while they adjust to the new puppy too.  This will help them think that the puppy is a good thing.

Remember the Eurasier puppy will need to go pee as soon as they wake up, or about 20 minutes after they have eaten they will need to poop.  Use everything for very short training sessions, you can lengthen the times of training as the pup grows older.

Make a point of looking your pup in their eyes and connecting with them as best you can.  This will help develop the bond that the Eurasier is so good at.

Have fun.

Introducing your puppy to your home

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