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Early Days 

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I believe training starts from the very beginning

She is panting, we've got the sleeping bags, flashlights and medical supplies by the whelping box, 5 or so good future families picked out and we have cancelled the next few day's activities..... we are ready!

Once the pups are on the ground, the fun begins.

The first 3 days are simply monitoring the little one's weights and making sure they are gaining and thriving.  At day 3 we begin the Early Neurological Stimulation, which is always feels a bit strange when we start, but I have seen the fruits and long term benefits of these exercises so we persevere. 

We call these early days "the cuddle days"  as pups need to get used to human touch, human handling, human voices, foot and toe holding, tail and ear inspection.  the smell and fell of people's skin.  Around the 2nd week of a puppy's life, their yes will open up and you get to see who is inside, their little voices will also demonstrate that they are in fact dogs.  This is also the time to bring in items tha will stimulate visually and mentally. During this age I start to allow louder noises around the whelping box, eventually vacuums and other "scary" sounds.

At 3 weeks old, they have grown strong, have found their legs and developed a curiousity about the world around them.   This is the ideal time to gently and safely start introducing almost anything and everything to them 

Pups are growing so fast that they now need to start eating real food.  I always begin their first foods with a cottage cheese, oatmeal and fruit mixture as apuppies find this easy to tolerate and mum is happy to lick and clean up allot of the mess the first few feedings create.  I also like to have our pups tummies strong enough for a variety of foods, both people and dog foods.

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