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  • tip:  I like to use a puppy harness to start, you have more control and it does not harm the trachea.

Ok, you have your new pup home and you would like to go for a walk.

First you should ensure that your neighbourhood is free of parvo because your pup will not likely be fully protected until he or she has their final set of shots, generally at 4 months old.  I would contact your vet and SPCA to ask if there have been a lot of cases of parvo in the area, tell them why you are asking.  I do not recommend going to a dog park until your pup is fully vaccinated, but your neighbourhood may be fairly safe - try to avoid letting your pup sniff or smell other dog's pee and poo.

The first "walk" you have with your pup, may be for more like a "drag" than a walk.  Everything is new and your pup may want to investigate it all or even be very timid and somewhat afraid because they have never been there before.  Pick a walk around your block or neighbourhood that you can do regularly and start to introduce your pup to this route.  If you don't get far the first few times, no worries.  Each time you go your pup will get more and more comfortable, gentle pull not letting your pup sniff and smell every detail along the way.  Eventually you will want your pup to walk with you at your pace without stopping to smell or investigate things along the way.  Have set places that they may smell, or go slower, but have stretches that your primary purpose is to walk at a quick, but comfortable for you, pace.  You will likely have to give little tugs on the leash to get your pup walking with you, keep it up and they will learn what it is you are asking them to do.

I live in a neighbourhood that has a school, and woods and a park and a pathway, plus houses on the street - so this is perfect for teaching on leash and off leash.   We start on leash - and I have multiple dogs, so I have a belt with a leash that connects with 3, 4 leashes, one for each dog.  In a way, I am cheating, because my older dogs help to teach the pup how to walk on leash.  I also like the dogs out in front of me, which is contrary to how most dogs are taught to heal and walk beside you.  But that is not the point here, teach the pup how you would like him to walk with you, and be consistent and teach your family to do the same when they walk the pup.

Eurasiers are very pack orientated, I have always had such an easy time teaching them to walk off leash.  I simply get to the place that is safe to let them off leash, unhook the leash and walk on.  The purpose is to have the pup follow you, it is the pup's job to keep his or her eyes on you, not the other way around.  Of course I secretly watch where the pup is and worry if she has not quickly followed or caught up to me, but I pretend to ignore the pup and simply go for a nice walk ahead.  It is natural for the pup to follow you.  If you have other dogs that are off leash, and they follow you, it is a piece of cake, very simple.  Remember the pup wants to be with you, use that knowledge to teach the pup to walk off leash.  If you are having problems and the pup loves treats, bring treats.  I am currently working on recall and for the very first time ever, I have a pup that loves treats (my other Eurasiers could not care less for treats).  Every time I call the dogs to me, I give the a treat and tell them how wonderful they are.  My Eurasiers have all been trained with praise as their reward, boy is it easier if they come running for a treat!

So every day now I am walking our neighbourhood on and off leash.  There are areas that we hook up and are on leash and areas that we unhook and I have a lovely stroll knowing they are following me.

I also do not go for a walk at the same time every day, I don't work, so this is a luxury.  I go at different times of the day so they are not expecting (or demanding) a walk.

Note*  I also take the pup in the car to pick up my children from school, or for errands so the pup gets used to riding in the car.  Please remember not to leave you pup or dog in the car if it is hot - don't ever do it.  Leave your pup or dog at home, so much safer.  But in the winter, I often take a dog or two for a car ride.  The more places you take your pup with you, the better.

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